SkyRun Location Evaluation Process


Are you a good fit for a SkyRun Location?
Is SkyRun a good fit for your goals?

This 3-phase process provides a structure where we work together to complete each step before going to the next step to insure success.

Click on each phase below to review the steps.

Phase 1 - Learn and Evaluate

  1. Inquire (see 'How to Get Started')
  2. Receive email with links to info about the market and SkyRun
  3. Create website account, then apply for location online
  4. Three meetings with SkyRun:
    1. Phone meeting with a SkyRun Founder
    2. I/T Systems Demo meeting
    3. Contract Review meeting

Phase 2 - Validation

  1. Phone meeting with a current SkyRun Location Owner
  2. Evaluate your specific location using location evaluation tool
  3. Complete business plan using SkyRun Template
  4. Discovery Day - In person meeting at your location for final validation and to review business plan

Phase 3 - Location Award

  1. Complete contract, Fund your new business
  2. Start location on-boarding process:
    • website provisioning
    • training at your site or ours
    • complete new location checklist
    • ongoing working sessions at your location

How to get Started